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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A taste of the North

Hi all,

Went off for a short family trip to visit the little sister in the Northern Territory of australia.

Was hoping to get in on some Barramundi action but the beginning of the wet meant that many inland estuary systems were closed for for flooding and croc safety reasons.

So the 1st 3 days of the trip were spent driving around and making little notes on where to visit at the end of the wet season.

The last two days however saw me landing my first fish in the nothern Territory. Two mornings spent in the Darwin harbour (one with Justin and Jake and the next alone) accounted for 18 fish in total.

So the trip's tally ended as such

15 Queen fish ( I will never tire of catching thses babies)
1 Bat fish (weird little buggers but couldn't get a photo)
2 really undersixed barra (couldn't get a photo either)

was hoping to take more pictures but the heat sort of rendered my camera brain dead.

I did, however, manage to save a couple of shots of the queen fish that were landed.

queen 3

queen 2


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Drift

Yeah yeah, we haven't been posting.

despite attempts to keep it constant earlier in the year, Work has yet again caught up with me.

So here are just some happy snaps on a little project I've been working on.It's drifting "nymphs" for bream.

Yup you heard me.

Drifting.. as in the whole trout nymphing thing. In the salt.

nothing new. People do so for steelhead. but Hey, it's not often you see a guy at the local estuarine sand flat mending and casting upstream..

had pretty good results too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This is fly 18

Another issue is now out! LINK

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


You know someone has made an impact in our sport when you have a fly named after you or your name becomes synonymous with a fly design pattern. Think "Lefty's Deceiver" and Bob Clouser's "Clouser minnow".

Until recently, the namesake of that other essential saltwater fly- the Crazy Chalie- has stayed pretty much out of the focus of popular fly fishing culture.

This was until the release of the "drift" fly fishing DVD.

Here's to another legend in our sport!
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